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Stephen Bourne
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Family Court   Note: Go back to 'Children's Law' section for information on child protection matters

Some Family Court matters may fall under 'children's law', but in this section I am particularly talking about custody cases such as disputes between parents about who has care of a child, and also financial disputes between parents such as who gets the family home after a relationship breakdown.

Courts handling family law matters are very anxious to ensure that children are protected from harm, and allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously. However, allegations sometimes fly both ways and it may be difficult for the court to decide who is able to put the children's interests first. Lawyers involved in these cases can help parents to understand their legal options and find practical ways to resolve their disputes.

Less than 5% of family law cases go to a final hearing, which means that more than 95% of parents who apply to the Family Court spend a lot of time and money arguing about cases that are eventually settled without the court making a final decision. In all cases parents need prompt, reliable advice that helps them see what the court might decide and how best to go about achieving a settlement to avoid the delay and stress associated with a court hearing. For almost 20 years I have regularly represented clients in family law matters. In Australia, the reference here to the Family Court includes both the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

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