Stephen Bourne Lawyer - Civil Litigation
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Stephen Bourne
Barrister at Law
LLM MBS MSc(Psych) ANZIIF(Fellow)


Civil Litigation

This area of law covers a wide range of legal matters including debt recovery, property ownership disputes, contract disputes, shareholder disputes, other commercial disputes, negligence claims, applications for injunctions, and other cases where legal assistance is required to settle a matter.

Although 'litigation' implies that these matters involve court proceedings, in fact most disputes can be settled through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, conciliation, and arbitration. I have previously been engaged as a mediator of disputes, and have acted as a lawyer in many mediations, conciliations and arbitrations. These forms of alternative dispute resolution can have huge benefits for parties to a dispute, including confidentiality, faster settlement, lower cost, and preserving relationships between the parties.

Where a court proceeding cannot be avoided, keeping costs down and getting a faster resolution may nonetheless be possible. It is easy to waste money in litigation, and when I represent a party I work hard to identify the real issues in dispute and the most cost-effective path to getting a final outcome.

If you are involved in any kind of dispute, give me a call on +64 (0) (3) 288 01 80 or +61 (0) 418 254 043..
Note: There are time limits for bringing civil claims, and delay can disadvantage you. Initial advice about a matter should include details of any time limitations.